Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hand Luggage Essentials for Clubbing Holidays

So you’re super excited about your stint in the sun, and the last thing you’re likely to be thinking about are the practicalities like what to pack in your hand luggage. However, be warned, you fail to prepare and you prepare to fail (like the boy scout thing) – and no-one wants a #fail to feature anywhere in their summer clubbing holidays.

Listen to your mum when she asks you for the tenth time whether you’ve ‘got everything’ for your 2013 clubbing holidays, and by everything, she means this little lot:

Passport and Documents

These are important. Repeat after me – ‘Must not forget my passport. Must not forget my passport.’ It also helps to check that your passport is in date, well in advance of your holiday (just in case!).
You’ll also need your travel documents, insurance documents and itinerary (if you have one – maybe your plan doesn’t go further than land, find nearest beach, grab nearest drink!). 

First Aid

Be careful with this one, as not everything will be allowed to fly with you. However it’s a good idea to at least take a pack of paracetamol and maybe an eye mask in case of a headache at 40,000 feet. Pack a travel sized sunscreen (in case your case goes walkabout) and a couple of condoms (but don’t be tempted to use those en route, a membership to the mile high club is not recommended!). Oh, and a pair of warm socks – it can get cold up there!

Phone and Charger

If your phone is your lifeline then don’t make the rookie mistake of packing your charger in your case. Have it to hand in your carryon, in case you need a crafty charge at the airport (hint, look in the airport pub for spare wall plugs you can use on the sly). And don’t forget a plug adaptor to use on arrival at your destination.

Once you’ve sorted the essentials, throw in a spare pair of pants, swimwear and maybe one easy to fold up clubbing outfit (once again, in case of the wandering suitcase) and rest easy on your flight in the knowledge that you have everything you need to start your clubbing holiday to hand.

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