Thursday, August 9, 2012

See Things On Different Perspectives...

Desa Dairy Farm, Kundasang, Sabah

Through life, comes good, comes bad
Things make us happy and make us sad
People give out love, but also hate
Those that share love are closest mates

At times in life we feel unappreciated
And that all people are filled with hatred
We could hold grudges but what are they worth
Feelings of bitterness whilst we live on this earth

Forgive and forget the mistakes people make
We have all fallen guilty to giving less then we take
Share love, laughter and positive feelings
And you'll begin to see that life is worth living!


  1. Absolutely agreed and love the colors of the pic.

  2. Nice view here but most of the time the mountain would be covered with thick fog. I'll be lucky if I can catch a glimpse of mt kinabalu the next time me n family travel here, soon.

    1. Indeed and wish you and your family will get the opportunity to witness the glimpse of Mt. Kinabalu.


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