Friday, July 27, 2012

Diet Tips

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Diet tips lose weight during the fasting month (Ramadan)
1. Most important for us to do is identify the body metabolism. This is because individuals with high metabolic rate, they have no problem gaining weight despite eating a lot during the break.
2. For individuals who have a low metabolic rate, should be more carefully in terms of quantity and type of food permilihan break. Avoid eating more than their daily needs because it will lead to weight problems much less severe there is no activity at night after the break.
3. Many consider it a trivial meal but it is equally important to the morning breakfast. Meal will help the body balance of nutrients not found the body for a day of fasting. So, the principle of non-full meal alone but more to the high nutritious foods.

4. Start time break by eating a simple, brief, and in quantities that little by little but repeatedly.Shock 'millions' of food would suddenly make the stomach feel uncomfortable and you're feeling meloya.
5. Do not forget vegetables and fruits in the menu and meal break you. Preferably when breaking the fast, food intake should depend on individual needs.
6. Should avoid or reduce the intake of spicy and hot as it can cause painful stomach and gastric. In addition, avoid drinking carbonated drinks are also out of or high caffeine content because it will make matters worse an empty stomach after a day of fasting.
7. Avoid eating a lot after terawih prayers and sleep when the stomach is full because it will stimulate the kegemukan.Korang advised to sleep at least three hours after eating.
8. Cut down on fat and not carbohydrates in our diet menu. This is because one gram of fat contains nine calories, compared to four calories per gram of carbohydrate.
9. Fasting should be carried no excuse for us not to drink water. Make sure that we all drink enough water between meal time and break your fast.
10. Exercise activities should also be continued even if we fast. The difference is, we can choose a low-intensity physical activity and fitness for 30 minutes per session for at least three times a week.
11. Positifkan themselves to make a realistic target body and the proper planning. Do not force yourself to achieve things that are not logical in a short time.
12. Do not just weigh. We will be disappointed if still no change. Most flexible way is to weigh no more than once a week.


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