Thursday, February 9, 2012

AmBank & Maybank Promotion

Get an iPhone 4S when you sign up for an AmBank Credit Card ONLINE now !

From now until 30th April 2012, Ambank is giving away an iPhone 4S to every 20th approved applicant who signs up for an AmBank or AmIslamic Bank credit card. Just sign up online here , it's that easy. 


Greeting cards for Valentines' Day is no longer cool. Try meme instead. #MaybankValentines

Generate the most creative Valentine's meme and caption and stand a chance to win a designer perfume worth up to RM200! here

Grab it all today !!!


  1. i never have such luck.. LOL
    I am having too many cc ..

    1. Hehehe no harm to try.....walawei to many to handle lor

  2. Thanks for sharing this infor and let me check it out soon.


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