Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MY Littlewing been nominated as "Best Travel Blog"

The World Bloggers and Social Media Awards 2012
Good day Peeps,

Time fly very fast..... we already entered to the 2nd week of Jan 2012, wonder how you guys doing and what up you to now ? Aside from me recently I have been nominated as The best blogger in "Best Travel Blog" category organized by My Events International  and endorsed by Kementerian Penerangan Komunikasi & Kebudayaan as you can see the homepage up there. 

Therefore I am seeking for your generous and tremendous support to vote me. This is nothing to do to get famous or glamorous at all, I just want to establish MY Littlewing as a very good platform for me to contribute my ideas, my experienced, my passion in photography and the most important I can share all this to my readers and followers. 

Please do look for when you cast for your vote. 
Deadline for the voting : 28 January 2012
I am thanking all of you in advance for your generous support and appreciated a lot for the voted. To my fellow bloggers friend whom being nominated withinmeitzeu, Cutebun, dianateo
all the best to all of you. No matter what keep continue writing and sharing what we have to our fellow readers :-)



  1. All the best Tina. Will vote for you !

  2. Dear Azizan, thank you so much for your support and vote really appreciated.

  3. Congratulation dear. All the best!!

  4. Leez~thanks so much for the wish.

  5. Aida Omar~thank you dear for your support and vote.much appreciated.


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