Saturday, July 23, 2011

Littlewing Destinations Contest Result !!!!

Salam|Namastee|Good Day|

Hello peeps, reader and my friends out there !! Do you see the entry title ? Yes...i'm gonna announce the 5 lucky winner for Littlewing Destinations Contest today. They are being judged base on their good comments and opinion and my decision is final.

And the winner is goes to ;-

1st place ~ Syuxer

2nd Place ~ Maslight

3rd Place ~ Syed Muzzamir

4th Place ~ Aida Omar

5th Place ~ Nava K

I would like to thank and congrats to all of the winner. My big appreciation for your tremendous support and wonderful assistant. For other blogger if you like to getting know them please do so and my personally high recomendation. They are very nice people, helpful and most important they are very supporting in a way to support other blogger. Feel free to review their blog site and gain something from them. Last but not least

I do hope in the future more blogger will take part for my next contest so that we can know more each other and this is one of my alternative way to appreciate and support each other. Till then have a good weekend with your beloved ones.



  1. Hi .. yeah , tQ ..
    third place pun third place lah . .
    dapat hadiah .. hehehe

  2. aida menang juga la..tnkz sis. nanti aida send info..ea. :)

  3. Congrats the way don't forget to email me your full details guys. Luv you guys.


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