Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blogger Haunter Searching Contest by Littlewing Destinations

Pewhhhh....all of sudden im being lazy b.u.m today...lazy to do my office work lazy to go out during lunch time..lazy to sleep but one thing I become very rajin to update and blogging and blogging but not addicted just wanna divert my mind to other channel so that I can force my brain working and thinking something good and productive job I can I decided to change my blog appearance and background. I was so lucky my boss not coming down to KL this week so I can take my sweet time here...he he he psssssttt don't go and make any report to my boss ya (sporting la sikit). Kerja aku hari ini visiting my bloggers friend blog klik their ads, giving comments and ideas, following and getting some info from their blog.

There are few bloggers out there always posting a good entry and info and I really appreciate it. So while we blogging at the same time we can share information or knowledge among us and make a new friends. That is why if you have free time don't forget to visit and stop by to your friends blogs because they might write and post a new story or interesting articles for us to read and share . So check out your blog see my jejak there. Anyway if you noticed I have changed my blog appearance and background....not to say am kind of bored with the old looks just wanted to find a simple and neat format and background. I like my blog look neat and tidy so when readers or visitors dropping by easy for them to read and understand what I write about. I didn't changed much I still maintain and used the original font just make it large a bit.

Obviously the background I totaly changed but still used the black color as my favourite. Background border and side bar I chose grey color to make it the color balance. Images part I also changed a bit to white color (border) to make the image or pictures stand out. On top of that I used red color for the URL links because I want it to be seen or to be noticed by everyone. I want my loyal visitors see their names appear on my blog always and always. This is one of effective method or ways to increase your traffic by clicking and exchanging the link among the bloggers.Im gonna search and find the most sporting, cool, interesting and good contents blogs from my fellow bloggers out there. Just wait will announce later before midnight. So guys do update and post a very good and interesting story or articles and then link it to back to my blog or just inform and invite me to check out your entry. The most interesting blogs and bloggers will bring home RM50 La Bodega Voucher.

The Voucher valid till 11 June 2011. So Hurry and grabe it now. Good Luck. Please leave me your url links for me to visit you and read your article or story.


  1. I like this new look. Like you said neat and look very specious.

  2. Sailor thanks for the compliments. Yes I really like my blog new look simply neat and tidy.

  3. jengah blog sahabat saya yang sorang ni.. mkaseh selalu jengah blog saya. teringin nk buat blog yg sama tapi english version pula

  4. Hi,

    Just found your great blog via the TBX. Though a winner had already been announced, but a visit to my site would already suffice. I like your blog, posts are superbly written, pictures are nice, the design is cool, the music is so inspiring....


  5. @Dr Love, thanks for dropping by...wish you best of luck to your new version blog...:-)

    @Edsanm,thanks for the comments definitely I will visit your blog.


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