Sunday, January 30, 2011

Exploring the town of Sandakan Part 1

Sandakan Mosque Located @ Jalan Buli Sim Sim
before the mosque was built the original site was previously residential area on the water. The existing mosque in the area is very small, it can not sustain the population in the area if people want to pray together. Therefore the parties involved have decided to build a large mosque that is easy and convenient for residents to fulfill their obligations towards these religions.

A destination for weekly shopping of all kind of vegetables, seafood & fruits here..

On the 2nd floor are a lot of stalls selling shirts, shoes, bags & Sabah craft like crystal & pearl accessories.
Sandakan Central Market has most amazing variety of seafood in Sabah, along with vegetables, spices and oils, cheap clothing and Indonesian sarongs. The busiest time is on Sunday, when it is tamu in Sandakan!

various foods, fruits and vegetables that can be bought in this market

parking spaces are comfortable and composed

daily routine of a fisherman

very fresh raw chicken 

various types of fish can be found in this market

my favourite fish 'Manyong'

another my favourite ' Kuaci fish '

one of the best views that I like

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