Saturday, October 16, 2010

Malaysia Budget 2011

High-impact Budget......towards 2020.

* RM1.3 trillion ~ investment in 12 National Key Economic Areas

* RM3.3 million ~ jobs to be created in NKEAS

* Private pension fund for private sector employees and the self-employed

* No increase in toll raet on PLUS highways for five years

* RM10 billion ~ mixed developemt in Sungai Buloh

* RM5 billion ~ Warisan Merdeka project in Kuala Lumpur

* RM3 billion ~ eco-nature resort in Sabah

* RM252 million ~ aquaculture zones in Sabah & Sarawak

Me as a Malaysian citizen hoping that our government will keep their promises to build a nation where every 'rakyat' will be able to enjoy the benefits of development.

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